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Please Note: While the colors shown are accurate, the display may vary on different computer screens. If you are customizing a duvet to match your living space, you may wish to purchase a color swatch kit here.

To begin designing your custom duvet, first select a pattern.

Start by choosing a theme from the drop down menu, and browse our collection of original patterns. Use the previous & next buttons to view the entire pattern library within each theme / collection.


Choose the fabric and base color for your duvet. Choose from Cotton 215 TC (215 thread count cotton), Cotton Casement, Linen/Cotton blend, or Silk Dupioni. The color you choose will be the background color for your duvet’s design.
Choose from the following:

Cotton 215 TC - A closely woven medium weight fabric that is firm, smooth, and conveniently machine washable.   Cotton Casement - A medium to heavy weight fabric made from 100% cotton and conveniently machine washable.
Linen/Cotton Blend - A medium to heavy weight fabric made from 55% linen and 45% cotton. It is resistant to wrinkles and conveniently machine washable.
  Silk Dupioni - A type of silk woven from two different colors, giving it a look that appears to have an iridescent shimmer. This fabric should be dry cleaned.

The embroidery colors will define the details of your design.

Choose a different color for each pattern detail to customize the look and feel of your pillow. Or simply use the same color for each detail; sometimes less is more.

Select one detail at a time by clicking the circle to the left of each numbered detail, and then select the color you want that part of the design to be. Repeat until all of the details have been selected.

Switch to room view at any time during the customization process to visualize your creation in a room setting. You may even customize the details of your room to your liking, to ensure that your duvet will match your decor.
Choose a size for your duvet. You can pick from Queen, Super Queen, King, or Super King. If you need a custom size, please contact us at 1-877-22-INMOD.

If you’d like to add a set of pillowcases to your order, select the style and quantity above. You can choose from Standard, Euro, or King Shams. Each set includes two shams. For more than one set, be sure to change the quantity.

You may add a throw pillow that also features your custom design, by choosing the size and quantity. Choose from 18x18 or 26x26 size and enter your desired quantity.



To begin designing your duvet, start by selecting a pattern. Choose a theme from the drop down menu, and then the pattern you like best. Next, select from a variety of fabrics and the base color for your design. The next step is to select the embroidery colors for your design. To select embroidery colors, select one detail at a time by clicking on the circle to its left, and then select the color of your choice. Finally, choose the size of your duvet. You may also now add shams or a matching throw pillow to your order. If you choose a throw pillow, it will feature the same custom design as your duvet.

Click on the ZOOM IN button to get a closer look at your duvet's pattern.

Use DESIGN SHUFFLE to have the design studio create a randomized design for you.

Click START OVER if you want to erase what you've done and start again.

Once you are happy with your design and want to purchase it, choose ADD TO CART. Adding your duvet to the cart will take you to a checkout page where you can purchase the duvet you’ve just created and any pillows or shams you have decided to add. You may also save your design and return to it later by selecting LOG IN at the top right of the page. You will be asked to enter your email and your design will be saved until you log in again. Next time you visit the design studio, select SAVE/LOAD DUVET on the top left of your page to create another duvet or purchase the one you’ve already designed.